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Jesús Diary's - The last twenty years (English version)

Eight January 2033. On this day 20 years ago we started the classes a year, although it was another year was our last year in high school. Life was much simpler then and nothing was expected that things would change one's life that much, I will tell you briefly how these years have passed and it was time for those people who were my companions, my friends.First of all, my name is Jesus, and as I have told you these past 20 years have been very different to others.When my classmates and I finished high school, each of us were going to go their separate ways, as none wanted to do the same with our lives.My best friend Adrian decided to follow the path of journalism, while I went for the life of Hollywood and the red carpet, the other fellow, did very different things, some left school, others went to college ... but that does not matter now.I got my proposal, I became an actor and went to Spain, first I was living in London working as an actor in a television series called "Donney in the Monkey", a comedy TV show, in which I worked as one of the main characters, later, I moved to Los Angeles, where I currently live and work in several films.When I got to Los Angeles, the first thing I did was meet Ashley, which is now my wife, she helped me find a role on the ABC series.The series was already in its fifth season when I started working on it, Ashley was one of the protagonists of the series called "Liars in Rosewood."I felt sure of myself, so I went from a secondary character to be a hero.My role in the new series started being in high school and did not know anyone. The following season, the sixth, I became a friend of the protagonists and became a new city liar.After termminar my work on the series, I decided to go looking for another job, I went to casting in casting and I had no luck.One day while walking down the street, I met my old friend Drake, I stopped to talk to him.
- Adrian? My God, how long, did some ... two years since we met, how come you're here in Los Angeles.   - Jesus! my mother, when about two years or so, I have come to buscartrabajo, in Spain there is no work of journalist, since he came the crisis, newspapers have been closing one by one, so I decided to come to California. Well, you're very famous in Spain loves you, since you worked in the ABC series "Liars in Rosewood."   - Yes, I know, since the series ended, my girlfriend Ashley and I were out of work, well, I'm casting in casting, and Ashley is writing his own TV series, but still has no actors to work in she, well yes, her friend Lucy and I, Lucy is one of the stars of "Liars in Rosewood." Well, nice to see you, and I have to go perome, bye.And I went, a few weeks after seeing Drake, Ashley series began filming "Forbidden Love", where the protagonist Ank, was starring me and Inka's character was played by Lucy.Everyone wins, all ten'íamos work, two months after start filming "Forbidden Love", Ashley and I got married.When "Forbidden Love" came at the end of the first season, Ashley gave me the rights to write the books in the series, I agreed quickly.When the second season of "Forbidden Love", which Ashley called "Forbidden Love: The Love Die", my book on the series was released.I just thought I'd write a book, but the second season of the series called for a second book, this eventually gave way to ten books and ten seasons of the series.Years later, on my birthday, my wife Ashley, gave me the best news of my life, was to be the father of twins, then that made my plans were met in my life, being famous, marry and have Ashley twins, whom we call Zack and Jack.Everything in my life, all my wishes were fulfilled when I was twenty-six, I got them all.

Now I have thirty six, and my life is perfect, my children are ten years old, my wife forty years, that is, my life is perfect, what else do I want?I'm still famous, when I finished filming the series "Forbidden Love", I started making my own films "Snooky & Mike" was the first thing I did after I got more films so far, and I'm on the sixth film of eight, of the series called "Hunters of the Night".This has got to change my life in just twenty years.

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