jueves, 17 de enero de 2013

Josh's Life - First part

Josh was a normal guy, with a normal life, with normal friends, good, better, some friends that were not normal.Josh was fifteen years old, was a student of the Institute Day in the city of Gainesville. One day, Josh had awakened cheerful, as it was his birthday, but that changed when I get to school and heard something that made be sad and yet be angry.
- Look, just tell you one thing, as I speak again filthy and smelly Josh, not what I do ... me sick and does not realize, and over this love with me, do you believe it?
- Lori, you have to blame you, you pretend that you like him and talk to him over and you'd like your "friend".
- If Sammy, but her "friend" in quotes, you think I'm being an idiot and talk to that freak me for all accused of being popular, are you crazy or you?
- Hey Lori! Look I will be popular and all that you want, but as you hear bad back Josh not respond to my actions, and I do not care that I'll be accused of other popular, but look how low aveís fallen all, Josh is a really nice guy, very handsome and above, not a geek and not smelly as you say ... of course I say it so that people will not find out that it sucks in this institute are you, are you clear?
- God! Are you going to let it go well? I knew as long as you do not respond to someone who messes with you is that what you said is true ... and over you know you've been holding a lot, but the colony stinks if you shower ... You know what I say, that Saron's right, I'm going with her and Josh, you stay there stinking.Saron and sammy approached Josh, who was sitting on the floor sad. The two young comforted him, and told him to make Lori swallow their own words, they had to go and change your dress style.In the afternoon of that same day, Saron, Sammy and Josh went to the most famous clothing store Gainesville, H & M.
- Wow! My goodness, I've never been in a store like this ... is normal, I have enough money to buy a pair that costs 120 dollars! Are we crazy or what happens to us?
- Josh My God, you do not pay now, we invite you today ... Look, try on these pants, this shirt, this shirt ...
- If this other well Try your pants, this other shirt, this shirt, this tie, these shoes and this hat ... you'll see, after going to the hairdresser buy "Style of Gainesville."Sammy and Sharon bought all the clothes that looked good to Josh, then paid him a haircut and headed home to pull this all her old clothes.After three hours, Sammy and threw all the clothes Lori ugly old Josh, and immediately put his new clothes in your closet.Josh would change the next day, when they begin school, as this was sleepy and wanted to sleep.
- Be aware all, because the new Josh is full of surprises and over, will start a "Great Revenge" against those who laugh and make fun of him, because the new Josh is a new person and also a very bad people. - Josh said as he lay in bed and turned out the light in your room.

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