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A Christmas Story - Chapter 1

                                                           Christmas Story
Day 1:He was alone, this time I only brought sadness, my mother died last Christmas, and it destroyed my life.My name is Jack, and I hate the holidays, the holidays are to be in and very happy family, are the worst demi life, since last year I'm alone, my parents were dead, she had no brother, no cousins ​​and certainly not grandparents had.But what I thought would be a sad Christmas, changed the day he met the woman of my life, Ashley, was beautiful, but the worst thing was that she was married to the worst man in the whole city, the Lord John.I was sitting at a table in the Paradise bar, I ordered a coffee, and then, Ashley walked through the door, looked around the bar until his eyes looked at me and she turned to me and sat me on the table.
- Hello Jack, a few days ago I noted that I view a lot, then I think you're in love with me ...
- Yes, that ... that's true, but they married and have two small children, so my desire is not going to meet, not because you have come, but if we see the Lord John the Grouch together could cut off my head, heh heh heh. - I laughed a little.
- I know, but he does not like me, and I was in love with you too long, but I did not dare to tell you, my husband does not like to see me with men other than him, so I could not, but ... let's go tonight, you, my two young children and I, at eleven o'clock at night in the church? Please, I can spend more time with the Lord John the Grouch, please, do not fail me, I'll wait here with my children, I love you. - Is giving me a kiss goodbye.What had happened? The great Lady Ashley wanted to go with me and leave her husband, could not understand, did you want to leave your life and leave me rich woman? God, what should I do? Then just go Ashley, the waitress came over the bar, Vannesa.
- God Really? How is it that the great Lady Ashley this in secret with you, you want to tip, go with it, will be happier with you than the Lord John the Grouch, ever would have to be happy right? This is your chance, run, take advantage, go with it, go away somewhere else, be happy, you deserve it seriously. - Vanessa told me giving me the keys to his car.
- But ...? Why? I have not asked you anything ... Well, thank you very much indeed, will hear from us. - Vannesa told grabbing the keys and ran out of the bar.It was eleven o'clock at night, I was ready with the car and my stuff in the church, then I saw there, came with their suitcases and two children, came to kiss me, got in the car with the children, pensépara then me "I did it, I have a family" and I got in the car and we were on our way to our new life.

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