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A Christmas Story - chapter 2

Day 2:
It was the day before Christmas Eve, Ashley and I were officially married, we started our new life in Rosewood, a small town in Pennsylvania.
   - Jack, we are officially husband and wife, and have two children, Joshep and Jenny, has completely changed our lives, we have separated from John the Grouch, because now you are happy, and above tomorrow is Christmas Eve, I love you both ... I've always wanted, but my mother wanted me to marry Mr. Grumpy ...
   - I know, huy's true, I forgot ... I have to go for a tree for the children to decorate, I'd better go now, or else there will not be any ... Well I'll Rosewood Mall store, ensegida back. - I told Ashley giving her a kiss.
I went to the section of the Christmas decorations, and looked at the trees, was undecided, what would you buy? I wanted the highest adornaríamos so much, because in the new house would be best.
Then suddenly I received a text message, a little later, I read what it said:
"You do badly in your daughter Jenny let alone on the street ... You do not know how bad it is that ... And on top in a city where you do not know what happened to several weeks ... You can say goodbye to her, Well, not coming back, I'm sorry Mr. Jack, but this is only the beginning, and you can only expect one thing ... call the police as your daughter is dead, if you want to know more about me, meet with Agent Wilden, he already heard of me. - a "
Who is A? And who would Wilden? were all questions that at that moment he could not answer, but would solve everything, because my daughter was in trouble and that's not holding him.

I grabbed the tree and ran home, with my wife and Joshep, and I knew they would know about the kidnapping of Jenny, so he had to go there and help them, and then I meet with Wilden, to know things that as A.
e reuniría con Wilden, para saber cosas de esa tal A.

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