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A Christmas Story - Chapter 3

Day 3: 
My daughter was still missing, police began to search, but no trace of her.
- My God, twenty-four hours has disappeared, only eleven ... Who credría hurting her? My God ... Please, I want to hug my daughter, please help. - Ashley cried.
- I can help me? I am Mrs. Roderscoh, arrived here two weeks ago, shortly before they found the body of a sixteen year old, I do not even want to imagine as it is the people who live here forever ... have to be a horror that has another kidnapping after the death of ... Well, I will help you, I was in Los Angeles Detective, but I'm retired, so I have all the time to help you look for little Jenny. - was presented as a volunteer Marie Roderscoh.
- Thank you very much indeed, we are very grateful. - I thanked Mrs. Roderscoh, and immediately went to my room and read a text message I received the phone."You have done very wrong to call the police, what will happen now with Jenny? BINGO! Despediros it forever, I told you not to say anything to the police and have done very badly.-A."Everything had gone very fast, you really kill Jenny? And what would have happened to an alleged corpse found days earlier? Would all related? These questions could not the answer, because everything was in chains, who would it be A? But find answers soon, the day after a good night stay with Agent Wilden, and he would tell me all about for days.This was one of the worst he had lived a good night because my daughter Jenny would not be with us, so my family could not celebrate, because Jenny was not there and we were so sad that we did not have the strength to celebrate.
- The family of the little Jenny, is desperate because her daughter disappeared the day before Christmas Eve, since TeleRosewood team, we send a lot of strength, hope you are well to the little Jenny, and from the information of the I remember that night are still looking for the kidnapper and murderer of the young woman who was found a few days ago, we can not say it any personal or family because parents do not want this to go on television, and now to end I repeat that we know that the family of the little Jenny will not be celebrating Christmas Eve, but we give them the best minds from here in Rosewood TV studios, thank you very much and see you tomorrow. - said the news presenter of television.

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