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A Christmas Story - Chapter 4

Day 3: 
Ashley and Joshep were already in bed, but I was in the room crying and listening to the news, yet had no new news about my daughter Jenny.Minutes later, on the street it was quiet was flooded with sirens of ambulances and police cars, quickly got up from the couch, I went out to my porch and went running where was all the fuss.
- What has occurred? Targe Lady, can you tell me is happening?. - Asked nervously.
- The match, have found your daughter ... I'm sorry Jack ... found his body, I'm sorry Jack, Jenny is ... is dead, and apparently is dead from the day he disappeared. - hugged me and comforted Mrs. Targe.How? Jenny is? ... is dead? No way, my little ... I do not think so, I knelt on the floor and began to mourn.I took the phone from his pocket and I read the warning that had a new mail, I opened it and began to read: 

"You do not know the pain that gave me, had never killed a person ten years, the truth is that I had previously killed a girl of sixteen, but that you asked for it, but to tell you the truth, had killed the day the hijack, I hope this makes you think and do not ever leave a child alone in the street in a city you do not know ... But the truth is that I have not finished with you, so be alert because you do not know where I can attack, I hope the game you're going to start stealing much as you like happy families, Jack, I hope all your lies come to light, is more, I will know that all the world, what could have happened to all of your beloved family members? give you more clues not only be alert and be careful.-A" 
That or this guy to know things in my life that only I knew, could someone tell all my secrets? That message started to scare me so I decided to be careful, but I knew that this was not yet over, as A had written, this only just started and I could be in jeopardy.

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