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The Truth Love

Day 23 of the year 2039:They say summer is a fun season for me however, was a pain, because, was, above all, to go with the whole family to the beach and bored to tears.That was, and everything made me think that everything would change, one day, like so many, suddenly something unexpected happened, something that made me change my mind and think that summer is a fun and exciting time.I'll tell you how it all started, we were, as always, on the beach than ever. My sister was, as usual, boring. He got up and said why do not we split up those rocks at the bottom? I said no, that pain in the ass, but then I thought, better to stay here ... and we walked across the beach.We were very remote, very distant, looking not know what the rocks. Suddenly my sister told me, "Look a bottle" We approached and saw that he had a role in it.
- Has written: "Help please, my name is Agus Redell, and I am the only survivor of the sinking of the ship" Le Joulat "I'm alone on a small island, send help." Ana, this message is for twenty-seven years!. - Told my sister.The survivor would be dead, and the note was qque 1985, then we tell anyone, it was our secret, a secret that he had never seen the light so far.By the time this happened, I was twelve, after that day, I kept dreaming that I was saving Redell Agus and I fell in love with him, but my sister said it was impossible, two years after my sister and I we found that note, the worst thing happened in my family, Anne died of a strange disease, since that day my whole life changed.Two months after the death of my sister, whom I met ten years later would become my husband, Agus, a young man of eighteen, and was back in my hometown, I recalled the survivor of the sinking of "Le Joulet" and I fell in love with him.We spent ten years together, the day of my birthday twenty-two I married him. What I did not know was that this would die three years after the wedding.Two months after the wedding, I got pregnant with twins, were children and call Jack and Zack.Three years later, my husband went traveling Agus on the ship "Smoo", but first gave me an envelope that had only read if he would die on the journey. The next day, I received a call from the agency's ship "Smoo", the boat had sunk and died in Agus, all I could do was hang up and mourn.The next day, my kids were with my mother in the park and I decided to go see the grave of my sister Ana On arrival, I sat on the floor, opened the letter and read it Agus:"My beautiful wife Rudy, I came back here because of you and your late sister, read the note I wrote in 1985, you read it and woke up my heart again that day died a young man your age, in which my soul reincarnated, I knew this day would come, but did not think it would be so soon, anyway, I spent thirteen years with you and I'm glad, I love you Rudy, remember me always, and step counts as all our children, Jack and Zack when they are older, I morería creiría never twice in a wreck, but the last thing I want to say is, Rudy I love you, you're the only woman I most wanted, Rudy Sparks, goodbye, I love my wife beautiful. "Then I began to mourn, my boyfriend and I met husband thirteen years ago, was actually Agus Redell, the wreck of the ship "Le Joulet".My children have already seventeen and you had a right to know everything, forgive you for having cheated that Dad was still alive, but you had only three years and you could not tell.Day 23 of the year 2075:
- My children, who are handsome but ... I thank you not angry you would have thirty-six years ago, are just like your father, I do not want you to suffer for me, please go away from here, I do not want to see me die, Go home with your children, do not do it I hize ', not never deceived, My children, I love you, never forget you.I saw them leave, my two children and were men, had fifty-six, had to follow us life, he could not hold here with me, my son Jack, is divorced and has a beautiful daughter named Anna, and son Zack is married to the daughter of Mr. Loop and have two children, Agus and Mike.I am very sorry to leave them alone, but also want to go with my husband Agus, my sister Anne and my parents.A few minutes after my kids would go for the door, I began to mourn and the last I heard was that damn beep marking machine heartbeat, announcing that my life has reached its end.

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