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The Mystery of the Librarian - Part 1

Part One.Trails.It was Friday. Last hour of class. Like all late Friday as usual we went to the library to read a book. The truth is that for a month was not the librarian, so those last Friday had been far more disruptive. But this week, something extraordinary happened. It seemed a day, each with a book, some talking amongst themselves, when at one point, Andres, the more introverted boy in the class got up and went to the shelf where the books of the thriller genre. I looked at the different heights because, trying to find a book by Agatha Christie, located on the lower shelf, and when he found exactly the book I was looking for "Ten Little Indians", going to remove it, shuddering cried. We all got up and headed down there, when we got where Andres, this melted and we all looked where once had been the book, do not tell which was the reaction of all of us when we saw what was there: a finger that looked like a human.
- Is that ... a finger?
- Yes, that's a finger esque Olga or the lags like you do not know what is. - Said Isabel, a fellow who only read novels of terror and mystery.
- This ... Hello? Is anyone going to help my boyfriend? Hello? Andres is down!. - Cecilia was furious.As you can see, our class is very peculiar, very clear there were two groups, the first and the second the posh thugs.My name is Jake and as you know, I am one of the few in my class who is not in any groups.Ten minutes passed and everyone had left the library, but Isabel and I we were still there. Then the girl came up to me, sat down next to me and started talking to me.
- Jake, as I know, we can not let this mystery so, to whom will that finger? Who could have put it there? And what they have to do the novels of Agatha Christie in this?
- Yes, I know, but they want us to do, if the whole class knows about the odd finger that we would have to close the library as if we belonged to the "FPA Mystery", but that is no longer true Isabel, everyone left and do not want to know any of this. - the replied with a sarcastic tone.The FPA Mystery was a group formed last year when found in a pool of blood bath, and everything turned out that Antonio, a music teacher, started bleeding from the nose and the blood collected. But all that was over, the FPA Mystery had finished, unless Isabel and I would gather.Isabel and I went to this place where the little door, when we started to investigate the scene, something moved in the library, but had fled, who would it be? What know all this?
- Miss Rosalie? Who's there? Jake, take your finger and let's go!. - Isabel said scared.
- Isabel! Wait, here's a note, look what it says: "If you want to investigate further, go to the Department of Language, there you will find another clue, now we can say that the FPA Mistery ... have become." - Read terrified.Isabel and I headed to the Department of Language, we were terrified, because we knew that we could find there ...I opened the door, there was a young man of nineteen, she told us: "Hey guys, are things, finger, and ... this box ... this box contains another track, I'm terrified, that may not be ... "Neither Isabel nor I could see her face, it was dead, the finger was missing.
- Jake! The finger is hers, what we have just heard is a recording, and the voice was very familiar ... Come, let's open the box to see that it contains. - Isabel inspected.The box contained another note, gave us two new tracks: "To find another track to the house of Mr. Rooney must go, but be careful, because you can only go one of you, the other will go to the cemetery, where you will find the final clue guess all this mystery ... "Isabel decided to go to the house of the Lord Ronney, then I happened to go to the cemetery, I do not want us to be apart, but Isabel wanted it.When I reached the place gloomy, I went to a tombstone that had the name of Mandy Rooney, Rooney Lord des daughter.Five minutes later, I found the last track, this told me that I should go to the Peterson family mausoleum, so I asked:
- What does he look at all this mystery Peterson Family?I went to the mausoleum without thinking twice, down the stairs and into this magnificent place. I was speechless when I heard the mausoleum door closed behind me.
- Hey! RELIEF!. - Said taking the phone to call Isabel. - And no cover up to call, who's telling me investiguar this case ... What will be watching Isabel? She in a mansion and I here in a huge mausoleum with a few dead locked ... This ... No way! I'm locked in dead! My God! RELIEF! Is there anyone out there? RELIEF!

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