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Forbidden Love - Chapter 2

I woke up. Everything had seemed a dream, Inka, Dimoness, the mission had sent me. But that was wrong, it was not me, or so I thought, my body no longer listened to me, now moved to end the mission Dimoness had sent me.
- Ank? But ...? But what are you doing? Where are you going? Ank! I swear this guy is sick in the head ... - Inka grabbed my arm and kept talking. - Ank please carry hours walking, you see that it is becoming less to arrive, please, for a bit, we rest or we will win.
- What the ...? But what happened? Inka, where are we? My God, I can not remember anything that happened since we sent haceresa Dimoness mission ... We need to rest ... yeah, come to rest, you know something Inka ... I think we should not be doing this, as I think Dimoness not our friend, because if not, he would know what happened in my life before, if what you see, before I woke up in that dark room.Inka approached me and kissed me, then suddenly, all my life pass before my eyes.I was the son of Kop, a former head of Anxos, the team he wanted to kill Dimoness, Inka I left quickly.
- Inka God, I just saw my life pass before my eyes, I'm one of the Anxos team, but you were not in the.
- Ank I'm sorry, but I also and seen all my life before, I am the daughter of Joshep, Dimoness's sister, I'm not in your party, I'm bad ... go, I will not kill your family, I'm sorry, but you have to meet with the Anxos and prepare for our arrival, try to Dimoness not want to go to kill you, but please take care. - Inka told me with tears in saying goodbye eyes.I sat. It could not be, Dimoness had kidnapped me, I was a Anxos. I could not believe all this was false, I was kidnapped and separated from my family, but that was not to be themselves, and Joshep Dimoness were going to pay, and yes, we would come out the winners and Inka Anxos ... Well, Inka will remain what it is, but will not do anything bad to anyone.

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