domingo, 13 de enero de 2013

Forbidden Love - Chapter 1 (English Version)

Terrified. That is how I find myself now, I have hope that this is over now, I do not like the dark, do not know why I'm here, but I hope this is over soon.
  - Young Anek, not even really know where you are ... I'll tell you, ups, but I'm clueless, my name is Dimoness, and I have a mission for you, I know you want answers, but you'll know soon, please follow me. - A woman's voice rang in the dark room . 

  - Anek? Dimoness?? Where ... Where am I? First, where are we going and why I'm here ... - I said a little surprised. 
I do not remember anything, did not know my name, if my name was Anek why I did not remember? And who was Dimoness? It was all very strange, did not know that in that place, but when I started walking a strange sensation ran through me. 
  - Anek, your mission is very complicated, you must do something you've never ever done before, you have to kill the Anxos, are a group of us never left alone, we just want to be happy, that's your destination, you have to kill for revenge on them, you are our only hope, so please, please Anek.- Dimoness said as I left that building with Inka, my companion. - Joshep, the mission has just begun, we started our project Con.
Inka and I look across the landscape, what we saw was beautiful, we had never seen anything like it, we prepare and decided to start walking in search of Anxos, the search would be long and for what I thought was very dangerous, but this only just started.

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