sábado, 2 de febrero de 2013

The Mistery of Librarian - Part 3

Part Three
Now what will happen?
Jake and Isabel to believe that this is already done, but not, it has only just begun.
The Mystery FPA are a group hold many secrets long before they split up the first time, and my those people I do not like.
By the way, still do not know who I am right? It is too early, gradually give you clues that you may know who I am, but for now no.
Jake is the one who started all the secrets of the FPA Mystery, that is why I am here right? It will not escape me, first divertiré me a little with them, and then they'll do something very bad.
And Isabel ... I will tell you that it ... Why be lonely if previously the creative models and above Mistery FPA was very popular in high school, who will have been saying about her?
The first clue that I will give to divineís who I am is not just me, also I have other colleagues, know one thing, Elizabeth, Jake and the ancient Mystery FPA will suffer much, all secrets will come out to light, but for now let them forget everything that happened and come back when you least expect. - L

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